The poet dreams memories
a collection of 319 unique stills ( L: €385 / M: €335 )

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This mixed-media canvas depicts the Poet at a tram stop where he shelters from the rain. As he loses his conscience into dreams, the dark undefined background is flooded with a collage of colourful memories. The title is the continuation of the opening title collected as Le Poète neon in the short film Out of reach (rain night).
The poet dreams memories - variation 2
In the base of the canvas we can read a title stating we are in Brussels, next to a map of the city in the right. In the left, the space is sectioned with a perpendicular view of the street, iluminated by streetlamps. The top of the image wears however a contradictory title, "Córdoba, España" (a label from an olive oil tin can) appearing against folkloric lanterns hanging on the ceiling of a fair tent. The poet dreams of a past holiday in Andalusia.

The poet dreams memories - variation 259

The pane of the tram stop gets covered with details from the trip, his friends dancing, the feet of Sara, his younger self at the window of a rented car, a XIX century postcard as a mocking charicature of the revisited romantic memory, the perfect ideal past.

The poet dreams memories - variation 317

*Single edition (1/1) paint pigment print on Hahnemühle cotton rag
*Museum archival standard Lab certified Digigraphie
*M Print, 60 x 25 cm stamp on 70 x 34 cm paper
*L Print, 84 x 35 cm stamp on 104 x 55 cm paper
*Artist's hand-signed certificate
*€385 (L) / €335 (M)