Streetlights SWITCH
one single still (L: €6.250 / M: € 6,000 )

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This rare mixed-media canvas depicts a singular non-binary state between the streetlights "on" and "off". It's issued from a scene in the short film Out of reach (rain night). The Poet slowly gives in to sleep at a tram stop, the sky announces the day is about to arrive and all the streetlights turn off at once. However, while turning off, the lamps are still warm for a fraction of a second, painting some pastel delicate warm colours on what would otherwise be the nearly monochromatic blue we find in the Streetlight OFF title. One of a kind.
Le poète neon - variation 1
Streetlight ON holds an array of graphics that enhance the night atmosphere and participate in the narrative. In this canvas, they fade out and are barely present. Super8 footage runs at the top of the composition within an oval frame. Thomas and Sara kiss beside a fence protecting an altarpiece with a large cross made out of red carnations.
*Single edition (1/1) paint pigment print on Hahnemühle cotton rag
*Museum archival standard Lab certified Digigraphie
*M Print, 60 x 25 cm stamp on 70 x 34 cm paper
*L Print, 84 x 35 cm stamp on 104 x 55 cm paper
*Artist's hand-signed certificate
*€6.250(L) / €6.000 (M)