This mixed media canvas depicts Sara sipping from a rosehip infusion, hiding and revealing her lips behind her cup. Her gaze is seductive and the gesture is reminiscent of an islamic veil. Her photography is overlaid against architectural details from Cordoba's emblematic Mosque-Cathedral, text labels cut out of olive oil tin cans from the region, blooming red carnations botanical illustrations, ornamental graphics from Spanish guitar strings packaging, playing cards patterns, a vintage catalogue of wedding rings and the silhouette of Brussels' construction cranes.
This image is issued from an unreleased sequence in PAGES of ALBUM, a groundbreaking exploration of narrative cinema and its hybridization with plastic arts, motion design and literature. The sequence featured and expanded the poem Skin Haul from Jorge Díaz Martínez. "I am sad, Sara./ (...) / Waking up, the memories are itching./ Your love turns me inside out."
The colour palette of reds and whites evokes the arches of the Mosque as well as the Andalusian folklore dress and the carnation hints to Spring festivities. While some elements seem to be random personal souvenirs, they all participate in the cinematic narrative of the character of Sara, who travels to Córdoba as a student with the Poet to enjoy the famous May festivities. Years later, her memory will still haunt the Poet, wandering a Brussels as derelict as himself.