Streetlights OFF
a collection of 726 unique stills (L: €310 / M: €265)

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This mixed-media canvas depicts the Poet slowly giving in to sleep at a tram stop in precisely the same composition as in its twin title, Streetlights ON. However, the image is here recreated in a nearly monochromatic blue. Issued from a scene in the short film Out of reach (rain night), the daylight has replaced the streetlights in the frame as well as most reflections on the tram stop's glass panes.
Streetlights OFF - variation 23
The most prominent warm colour is the blinking message, "please try again later thank you". These are the last words in the adapted poem which lends its title to the short film. The text is featured in a dot-matrix typeface and animated with transmission glitches. The message is no longer placed in the centre of the composition. It is relegated to one end of the frame, along with a few traffic lights and cars.

Streetlights OFF - variation 215

Super8 footage of a holiday moment with the Poet's friends runs within an oval frame crowning the composition. The couple hugs and kisses beside a fence securing a large cross made out of red carnations in an altarpiece. As we approach them, Thomas and Sara turn to the poet and wave to the camera.

Streetlights OFF - variation 662

*Single edition (1/1) paint pigment print on Hahnemühle cotton rag
*Museum archival standard Lab certified Digigraphie
*M Print, 60 x 25 cm stamp on 70 x 34 cm paper
*L Print, 84 x 35 cm stamp on 104 x 55 cm paper
*Artist's hand-signed certificate
*€310 (L) / €265 (M)