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This mixed-media canvas depicts a "Santa Compaña": a procession of the dead. Also known as "Estantiga" or "Güestia", it is a deep-rooted mythical belief in the northwest of Spain, similar to the pan-European mythical motif known as the Wild Hunt. There are many versions of the myth, but the common belief behind it is that a procession of souls in torment wanders through paths after midnight.
Procession - variation 9
In this procession, there is but a single soul, multiplied into an endless stream of suited bodies walking on bare foot over a carpet of dying bluebells in an ancient forest. The character is a very young man, a college student, wearing the clothes he was buried in. Over his head, a small flame flickers as a candle. His movements are calm but absent, repeated by each of the bodies in the procession with an exact choreography of movements as an everlasting echo. The scene in this procession also pays hommage to several Surreal paintings by René Magritte, most notably some of the variations on "Golconde" (1953) as well as "Le lieu commun" (1964) and "Le Blanc-Seing" (1965).

Procession - variation 229

The image of the forest itself, a collage painted after Hallerbos (near Brussels) seems to be dimly lit by a supernatural twilight. The ground fades out into an arrangement of overlaid dried flowers. It is a melancholic but calm vision of eternity and the afterlife where the forest could be seen as heaven or limbo.

Procession - variation 382

The last verse of the poem flickers faintly in handwritten capital characters, read slowly as if deciphered out of an ouija board "...with a small tower and a cellar to light with a candle in hand". The poem seems to depict a scene in a dream but is in fact a reverie echoing after the reading of Carl Jung's memoirs. His life and his house are, in turn, also an echo of his writings about dreams, the mind, the soul and the afterlife.
*Single edition (1/1) paint pigment print on Hahnemühle cotton rag
*Museum archival standard Lab certified Digigraphie
*M sized Print, 60 x 25 cm stamp on 70 x 34 cm paper
*L sized Print, 84 x 35 cm stamp on 104 x 55 cm paper
*Artist's hand-signed certificate
*€345 (L) / €300 (M)