Streetlights ON
a collection of 488 unique stills (L: €340 / M: €295 )

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This mixed-media canvas depicts the Poet slowly giving in to sleep at a tram stop. It's issued from a scene in the short film Out of reach (rain night). As he shelters himself from the rain he loses his conscience into dreams. He tries to lie on the narrow sitting bench to sleep. The rain slides on the glass panes of the tram stop, where the streetlamps are reflected. An automatized "out of reach" phone message, the last verses in the adapted poem, appear in the characteristic typeface used at the public transport network.
Streetlights ON - variation 159
The text reads "this message is free of charge the number you have dialed is unavailable at this time the subscriber may have traveled outside of the coverage area". The animation of the type is central to the composition and the dramatic perspective points towards the black silhouette of the Poet. Despite the night lights, the sky announces the day is about to arrive.

Streetlights ON - variation 254

Under the poetic text, at the top of the composition and next to a red title that reads "Córdoba, España" runs Super8 footage within an oval frame. It's a holiday moment in which we see the Poet's friends approach a fence. Behind, there's a large cross made out of red carnations. Thomas and Sara hug and kiss.

Streetlights ON - variation 457

*Single edition (1/1) paint pigment print on Hahnemühle cotton rag
*Museum archival standard Lab certified Digigraphie
*M Print, 60 x 25 cm stamp on 70 x 34 cm paper
*L Print, 84 x 35 cm stamp on 104 x 55 cm paper
*Artist's hand-signed certificate
*€340 (L) / €295 (M)